Shift In-Charge Engineer - Cogeneration

Biswan, Uttar Pradesh, India · Site Operations, Cogeneration Plant · CG 027



This position is the primary responsible for managing shift operations at the 32 MW Bagasse Based Cogeneration at The Seksaria Biswan Sugar Factory Limited, District Sitapur, Uttar Pradesh.

The position is responsible for controlling the operation of the boilers, turbine, generators and auxiliary equipment in a safe and efficient manner during the assigned shift. Requires high quality supervision in the performance of the duties of lower level operators as well as operate the plant under various conditions at the plant, load, (steam and electrical production) demands placed upon the plant and seasonal maintenance activities.

Work is performed with the direction of the GM Cogeneration. Work and performance metrics are recorded through operational logs and reporting through the supervisory chain. All work is required to be performed in a safe, efficient, environmentally acceptable manner. The shift in charge is the primarily responsible individual for the accurate recording of plant performance in the operations logbook as well as responsible for determining the operational effectiveness of various plant equipment and machinery, identifying trends in plant production, control of steam and electrical production in the plant, directs subordinates in the plant during assigned shift, monitors and checks plant equipment and machinery operation and assists with planning of maintenance jobs and to improve plant operations.


  1. Supervise all aspects of the bagasse based cogeneration during assigned shift and effectively provide direction to lower level plant operators.
  2. Ensure Cogeneration plant is operated in a safe, efficient and economical manner, and in compliance with the regulations related to pollution control norms.
  3. Ensure reliable operational records are maintained and recorded for historical purposes and to document performance metrics for the plant.
  4. Participate in annual maintenance preparation and ensure timely completion of these jobs.
  5. Superior knowledge of the operating principles of equipment and machinery used in the power plant.
  6. Knowledge of Boiler water quality parameters.
  7. Ability to read, interpret and adjust various instruments in the plant as well as handle plant and grid disturbances.
  8. Properly operate all equipment and machinery used in the Cogeneration plant.
  9. Establish and maintain effective working relationships with other employees and supervisors.
  10. Ability to understand written and oral instructions and comply with directives.
  11. Available to work shift or weekends as part of a normal rotation.


Works primarily, where employee may be exposed to abnormal heat hazards. The work environment is typically a noise hazard area requiring the use of hearing protection throughout the shift. There is a risk of steam burns, falls from ladders and catwalks in inadequately lighted areas. Constant standing, walking, climbing and bending is required. Able to remain focused on operation of the plant for duration of a shift without being distracted. Required to properly wear and use safety equipment as directed, including hearing protection, respirators, coveralls, hard hats, safety glasses and safety shoes. Frequently works alone with little direct supervision and is responsible for overall security and operation of the plant when on shift.


  1. Incumbent must be able to maintain a level of physical fitness to perform the duties of Shift Engineer/Boiler Operator.
  2. Maintain a Boiler Operation Engineer’s Certificate.
  3. .Willingness to be scheduled for shift work on an equitable basis with other Shift Engineers.
  4. illingness to report for duty during emergencies or to cover shifts under short notice to ensure adequate staffing to operate the plant.



  1. Demonstrate mechanical aptitude of equipment and how to properly maintain plant equipment and systems.
  2. Extensive knowledge of the bagasse based Cogeneration in Sugar Sector and associated systems for DCS control.
  3. Knowledge of plant controls, tools, equipment and proper procedures to maintain the plant and the ability to operate all the equipment and machinery.
  4. Ability to understand and execute written and oral instructions and relay those instructions to subordinate employees and other Shift Engineers on subsequent shifts.
  5. Sufficient physical strength, ability, dexterity, vision and hearing to perform all duties of this position.
  6. Ability to communicate effectively with supervisors, other shift engineers and plant personnel.
  7. Must demonstrate initiative and be able to work with little supervision.
  8. Must be able to analyze plant operations and offer suggestions to improve operational efficiency.
  9. Must be able to perform and understand water analysis tests.
  10. Ability to read and interpret all the various instruments in the plant and make equipment adjustments as required.
  11. Effectively supervise subordinate shift personnel.
  12. Maintain a Boiler Operator Engineer Certificate.
  13. Must ensure plant and equipment is maintained in a clean and serviceable condition.
  14. Must be willing to work shift work when required.


Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering.

Boiler Operation Engineering Certificate.

At least, 7 years experience with exposure to sugar factory bagasse based operations for 5 years as shift in charge.

Proficient in DCS.

Sound expertise in maintenance procedures and having expertise in turbine overhauling will be an added advantage.


Remuneration between 6-8 LPA.

Leave (Casual & Paid)

Statutory Retirement Benefits (Gratuity, Employee Provident Fund and other applicable benefits)

Travel Allowances

Relocation Costs

Electricity Subsidised

Accommodation Subsidised

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